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An Elite System is so simple that upon arriving at the office and entering your security code you notice the lights automatically turning on, the temperature resetting to work mode, and your favorite play list filling the hallway. At the touch of a button your meeting room is ready for an international meeting. Let your system take care of generating program files, adding source device modules, and turning on the projector. All of this integrated into one system by Elite Theater. And that’s just the beginning of a typical day in life of Elite Theater integrated office.


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Present Like a Pro - Elite Theater can provide you with the latest in audio / video technology. Powerpoint presentations with remote presenters, microphone lapel systems, network access, and multi-screen integration are all capabilities of an Elite Theater installed conference room.

Smart White Board Systems - A combination of projection and whiteboard provide the ultimate projector partner for classrooms or boardrooms. You can even capture any writing or images drawn on the white board for later use or notes. Also, project high quality images on the whiteboard with projection giving the perfect solution for presentations that need a large, multipurpose surface.

Digital Signage - Take advertising to the next level and increase your exposure with digital signage. Digital Signage is the modern version of the poster, banner, or billboard. It offers a cost effective and flexible alternative. With Digital Signage, the “Content” can be updated remotely and rapidly, with no need to wait for printing and constant re-installation.

Audio Video Distribution - Our systems allow its users to spend more time focusing on work, and less time hassling with complicated stereo or video systems. Easily turn your systems on/off or change the audio/video output. Whether it’s used by the same people daily or a different person for each event, our sound and mic systems are easy to use and provide crystal-clear sound.

Videoconferencing - Uses telecommunications and audio / video to bring people at different sites together for a meeting. This can be as simple as a conversation between two people in private offices or involve several sites with many people in large rooms at different sites.

Networking & WiFi - It’s important to stay connected whether it’s in your home or office. We have the expertise to install and configure various levels of networking, wireless internet access, and cell phone boosters in your building. This allows you to connect with the outside world, and share files easily within your company.

Lighting & Shade Control - Most buildings today are over-lit because lights are on at full intensity or the shades are aren’t on the right setting. Installing a lighting and shade control system can enable you to not only transform your working environment at the touch of a button, but can also help you dramatically reduce your energy consumption and costs.

Security & Surveillance - Our integrated security systems are capable of a variety of automation tasks as well as protecting the assets of your business space. Our systems can turn on or flash lights in the event of an alarm, and record any activity going on in your building. You are able to access your recordings and cameras from any tablet or smartphone so you will always have an eye on your property.

Elite Care Plan - Remote Monitoring - Today, Elite Theater has the latest monitoring equipment that will spare you the frustration of trying to track down the source of the problem. At the core of the Client Care Plan is a remote management tool that allows our technicians to proactively detect, diagnose and resolve certain problems without having to show up at your door. We know your system is down before you ever know!

Automation Applications

Boardrooms - Enhance your business meeting with a state of the art boardroom. We are able to seamlessly integrate the various systems of an automated boardroom, from projectors to lighting to video & audio conferencing and overall control of the entire integrated system.

Educational Facilities - We specialize in installing Interactive Smart Classrooms and helping you build a model that works for your budget and long and short term goals. 

Auditoriums - Integrated auditoriums make staging an event as simple as clicking on the touchscreen. Elite Theater provides the technology that works behind the scenes acting like virtual stagehands. 

Houses of Worship - Elite Theater provides integrated audio, video, lighting, and control system solutions for houses of worship. Our passionate focus on customer service provides you with the best possible experience from initial design, to completion, and beyond.

Restaurants & Bars - Our restaurant and bar a/v installations will take your business to the next level and help increase your earnings by keeping your customers ordering food and drinks while being entertained by their favorite sports teams on beautiful video displays.

Retail Stores - Create the perfect ambiance for the your store’s atmosphere with crystal clear music and dimmed lights that you can have complete control over. 

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